Growth Sports Academy is a Non Govt. Organization, special needs adaptive sports and socialization program for children, teens, and adults with developmental disabilities as well as physical impairments. At Growth Sports Academy we offer a variety of sports and programs that focus on exposing the participants to the world of sports, learning social skills, and learning transferable skills that can carry over into everyday life. Through these programs, participants develop and strengthen their motor, cognitive, and social abilities. Our participants have the opportunity to learn the basics of each sport, through a hands-on multi-sensory approach while interacting with other kids and typical peers that volunteer in the program. The program helps facilitate the building of sport & social skills, confidence, self-esteem, and sportsmanship, while meeting the needs of each individual. Our motto is to “Have FUN, make FRIENDS and always leave with a SMILE” and is what motivates us each week to provide a great experience that our participants will remember for a lifetime.

A key philosophy of Growth Sports Academy is to accept athletes of all capabilities. We offer a free trial class so families can try out programs and make sure it is the right fit before committing. Growth Sports Academy is a great program for children and adults with verbal and non-verbal language abilities, physical disabilities, across all socio-economic, race, and ethnic backgrounds. All of our programs are staffed adequately so that the athletes are challenged and constantly learning new skills each week.